Whether you want an informative "who we are" website or a more elaborate "how can I serve you" web site, we have the solutions. Dynamic calendars, pulldown lists, tracking systems, shopping carts, and discussion forums can all be implemented into your website.

Solutions using FileMaker as a datasource
Middleware: FileMaker Web Connector, Lasso, or Java Server Pages(via JDBC)

If you are looking to web enable your database beyond the capabilities of FileMaker's Instant Web Publishing (CDML), TRICON turns to Lasso for the solution. LDML tags let you customize the users' experience with far greater flexibility than with Instant Web Publishing. You can give users the ability to search the database, add records, delete records, and modify records as in Instant Web Publishing, but are not limited to a few basic functions as with Instant Web Publishing. You can design the pages any way you see fit. This allows us to incorporate logos and other graphics and to control how the information is displayed to the user.

One of the biggest benefits of using FileMaker is it's ease of use. You can manage your own website by simply adding records in a FileMaker application. There is no need to hire help everytime you want to update text and images on your website.

Solutions using MySql as a datasource
Middleware: Lasso, or Java Server Pages(via JDBC)

To provide the best possible service with high performance demands and massive database sizes, the world's most popular open source database is your answer. Who uses MySql as a datasource? Cox Communications, NASA, Sabre Holdings and Yahoo!. Unfortunately, speed and reliability come at a price. MySql is only a datasource for your website, not an end-user database application. A custom web interface has to be made for managing your web solution.


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