FileMaker Services

Whether you need to design a new FileMaker solution, customize or maximize the efficiency of your existing FileMaker software, or want to make sure you are getting the right solution for your specific needs, our FileMaker experts will ensure you are getting the most out of your systems.

Centralized Solutions for All Departments

No matter the business function, we tailor our solutions to meet your needs, so your team can work more efficiently and effectively, all in one place.


FileMaker can be used to create a system to manage leads, opportunities, and customer interactions, or integrate directly with your existing CRM to create sales dashboards that provide real-time insights into sales performance.


FileMaker can facilitate the creation of a project tracking system for campaign management, print management, leads, and analytics. Customized reporting tools can be developed to analyze the effectiveness of marketing strategies in the most effective way.

Human Resources

FileMaker can be employed to create an employee management system, including databases for personnel records, performance reviews, and training schedules. Workflow automation can be implemented for HR processes such as onboarding and leave requests.

Accounting and Finance

FileMaker can develop live financial tracking systems for budgeting, expense management, and financial reporting. Custom dashboards can provide a consolidated view of financial data.


FileMaker solutions for inventory management, order processing, and supply chain tracking. Workflow automation can streamline operational processes and enhance efficiency.

Customer Service

FileMaker can be utilized to build a customer support ticketing system. Customer information databases can be developed to track interactions and provide better support.


FileMaker can be used to create an IT asset management system for tracking hardware and software resources. Solutions for helpdesk management and issue tracking can be developed.


FileMaker can assist in creating solutions for document management, meeting scheduling, and administrative tasks. Customized workflows can be developed for streamlining administrative processes.


FileMaker Development

Transform your business with our FileMaker Development services, encompassing a spectrum of solutions:

Project Management Systems

We use FileMaker to create robust, secure, and flexible project management systems customized to streamline your unique workflows for everything from job tracking, scheduling and reporting to sending automated emails - you name it. We close the gaps and eliminate time wasted on unnecessary tasks.

Custom Workflow Solutions

From concept to implementation, our team crafts custom workflow apps and software designed to help you manage your data, workflow, and operations more efficiently and effectively. FileMaker integrations allow us to connect your existing tech to eliminate redundancies and human error, channel everything through one centralized location.

Customize Existing Software

A software solution that forces you to adjust your workflow and adapt to how the software works isn’t much of a solution. It can create inefficiencies and waste time and money on trying to make it work. Your Claris FileMaker application should conform to fit the needs of your organization’s unique workflows and processes - This is where we come in.

FileMaker Support

Whether you have an IT department or not, we seamlessly integrate as an extension or become your dedicated FileMaker IT department, functioning as your FileMaker support group.

Expert FileMaker IT Support

Trust in our commitment to keeping your FileMaker systems running smoothly. We are your go-to resource for troubleshooting, maintenance, and proactive support.

Proactive FileMaker System

We don't just fix problems; we prevent them. Collaborating with your system administrator, we plan enhancements, update & maintain your FileMaker server, AWS development server, & ensure your system stays dynamic & responsive.

Strategic Planning

We work closely with your team to understand your evolving needs. By strategizing together, we keep your FileMaker system updated, sticky, and always aligned with your organizational goals.

Continuous Improvement

The best systems are those that evolve with your business. We proactively identify opportunities for improvement, making sure your FileMaker infrastructure aligns with the latest technologies and industry best practices.

FileMaker Licensing

Our team of experts will ensure you get the correct software at the best possible price, hassle-free.

FileMaker Licensing Management

We can handle FileMaker Licensing on behalf of our clients. This includes handling quotes, making software purchases or renewal purchases with client approval, and dealing directly with Claris to streamline the process and take the paperwork hassle off your hands.

Right Solutions, Right Price

Our FileMaker Licensing experts ensure you're getting the correct software for your needs at the best price. As a Claris Partner, we are able to secure optimal licensing solutions for you, and check to see if there are any discounts available for your purchase.

Account Support

We will provide ongoing support, proactively monitoring your licensing status and sending reminders when it's time for renewal, and assisting you through the renewal process to ensure uninterrupted access to your FileMaker solutions.